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Mesoamerican Cultures




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Form of Government: Tenian a theocratic government and in addition was formed by señorios like many other cultures the society was stratified of piramidal form beginning with aristocratas and finishing with common people Religion: They adored to several Gods but no in special, made several centers ceremonial which decorated with lambda-type, which it shows its artisan capacity. Agriculture They made irrigation channels to mainly cultivate míaz which was one of its main sources of economy Art They made several its semiprecious stone objects, like jade, crystal of rock, opal and obsidian. Also they carved the turquesa, to make mosaics. In gold they made great amount of objects and adornments, like pectoral, ring, necklaces, laminae in pumpkin form and narigueras. They also carved the wood to make ceremonial devices as masks and cuchillos.Fueron very recognized by its vast art and culture. Mathematics They did not contribute anything new and they followed with the vigsimal system and use of the zero Astronomy They made two calendars by which they were governed: the civilian and the ceremonial one. Climate They had a tempered and warm climate, with one season of rains in summer and another drought in winter. Flora Several you hoist and high grass due to the place where they lived, there was maize, frijol and calabza. Fauna Deer, Free, Squirrel, Raccoon, Fox, Tapir, Armadillo, etc


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