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Mesoamerican Cultures




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Form of Government: The first zapotecas were sedentary, made establishments agricultural where they lived there, they had a teocrático.Esta government of type culture like some others, strictly was stratified, with the governor in the end and the farmers at heart. Religion They adored to several Gods headed by the God of rain, Cocijo represented by a symbol of the fertility that combined the symbols of the earth-jaguar and the sky-serpent. The priests regulated the religious rites, that included human sacrifices. The zapotecas adored their ancestors and, believing in a world after the death, they developed the cult to deads. They had a great religious center in Mitla and a magnificent city Albán Mount, where a developed civilization lived highly, possibly for more than 2000 years. Agriculture: The Zapoteca was mainly agriculturists. They handled an advanced system of irrigation that allowed them to produccir foods in great amount, between that emphasized the maize. Astronomy They followed a calendar very similar that the one of the other cultures which also had influence in the Tolteca culture Mathematics They did not contribute ningun new discovery since they used the zero and they had the vigesimal system Art The Zapotecas was great craftsmen, worked with great perfection the stone, in addition they made several paintings in murals which represented the warlike culture of that culture since there were several soldiers in ellos.También in its paintings represented dancers, tipicos of that culture. Climate Its climate was very varied since it went from arido to tempered forest therefore the vegetation was very varied like the fauna, this occurs garcias to that mountain ranges and forests settled down in. Flora Matoorales, you hoist, pine, encino, cedar, etc Fauna: Fox, Correcaminos, Vrnado, Hare, etc


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