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Mesoamerican Cultures




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Forms of Government: It had a type of government teocrático.El Been was governed by a group noble and priests who had the power and the control of all the sociedad.Esta culture also was stratified, with the goberanantes and aristoctas above and the agriculturists and craftsmen at heart Religion: The religion was a fundamental instance in the teotihuacana life. They adored to Tláloc (God of Rain), Quetzalcoatl (the Emplumada Serpent), Xipe Totec (God of the Fertility), Huehueteotl (the old God of the Fire), among others. The cults to the sun and the moon strongly are represented obvious by the pyramids that today take their names and that occupied central points in the layout of the city. Also, there was a great preoccupation by the cult to the water, as much the celestial water (rain) like the terrestrial one (flowing, rivers and lakes). Agriculture: Maize, porotos and red peppers, were the main foods. Extensive systems of irrigated land were constructed that included the construction of dams to store to water and the used rating of first chinanpas or artificial islands as areas d and culture Astronomy They used the calendar tolteca, did not contribute anything new Mathematics They did not contribute to anything since more they were known by his vasijas and monuments Art The ceramica was very characteristic of this culture, since they left to signs of several vasijas and caserolas.También teenían several monuments to Gods. Climate Tempering, with some precipitations Flora Maguey, Cactus, Frijol, maize, nopal, pumpkin and Chile Fauna: Rabbits, Deer, Foxes, Pajaros, Squirrels, Coyotes, Wolves, Etc


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