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Mesoamerican Cultures



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One does not know to fullness as the form of government of the Olmecas were compound, but nevertheless it knows that they were located around 3 ceremonial centers: San Lorenzo, Sale and Three Zapotes, besides to pronounce in other sites like Lagoon of Hills and that in addition the government could have been teocratico, due to their temples and rituals. What one also knows is that they had a tribú system where the man was the one who dominated certain region and fought by the food, while the woman made the crafts and took care of the children. Religion: Adorabn to the jaguar, and appears represented several parts of the iconography olmeca. Olmeca imagined to him with the characteristic mouth. In many cases with very great eyeteeth, supraciliary adornments and the sunk skull. Aumque is known what God class could be. They had many considered animals Gods, like the cayman, toads, reptiles, all animals of the zone. One thinks that it could be a dynastic religion, because their Gods were related to governors. Although the religion is a little dificil to understand, it thinks that it was accepted by the town since they do not tnían way to explain the natural phenomena that happened around to sua, and to the being represented as animals or governors one better explanation were had. Agriculture: Thanks to the Earth fertility for the rivers olmecas cultivated with the help of coa, their different foods, which grew with the tecnica of stepped agriculture. Also they were dedicated to the fishing and hunts to look for the food. Astronomy The Olmecas had a great astronomical, vital knowledge for the direction of agriculture, although it is not known exactly as they obtained this knowledge, in addition elaborated a calendar where the civil year lasted 365 days and the monk 260 days Mathematics Because this is the culture mother of the cultures in mesoamérica several things like the creation of zero in mathematics and their system of vigesimal numeration are attributed to him which varied in some cultures. Art The Olmeca culture was the first culture that development a system of writing to express its language, this one was done with hieroglyphics which also turned them the first American culture in doing it, in addition which several cultures have had influences in this system of writing. The Olmeca art is without a doubt the one that more is known in the cultures thanks to its enormous heads, many cientificos think that they represent heads of communities, but with characteristics of the jaguar, although is not known with exactitude since these heads were done, knows that they are constituted of basaltic stone and that they were brought of several kilometers, but it does not know like since his weight it is too much. The heads were not the unicas sculptures done by olmecas, but that also made other sculptures in honor to the jaguar and other things. Climate There was much humidity, which caused that the region had a tropical climate with several precipitations. Flora Because the Earth was very fertile abounded great amount with plants como:el maize, frijol and the pumpkin Fauna There were tropical animals, like: monkeys, tlacuaches, guajolotes, exotic deer, birds and jaguars




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